In search of more balance in your day-to-day? Consider

yoga and yoga apps.

Including the practice in your wellness routine can offer a slew of benefits to the mind and body, such as stress relief, preventing joint pain and stiffness, and improving flexibility, balance, and mental clarity and focus. It could even help with weight loss, research suggests.

And there’s no easier way to build a practice that fits your lifestyle than with a yoga app that allows you to practice anywhere, anytime.

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Just like there are many yoga studios IRL, there are also *lots* of yoga app options. Sure, you could endlessly scroll. But I did the downward dog work for you. This list of the best yoga apps for iOS and Android devices is based on overall rankings, number of reviews, and fan feedback. (Some have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews!)

The best part: All of these yoga apps are free to download and try. But be warned, a few require you to purchase a membership once the free trial period ends. (Fees range from about $4 to $23 a month and an average of about $10 a month.)

Ahead, the top-rated yoga apps available in Apple iTunes and the Google Play store right now—in descending order from most stars to least. Grab your yoga mat and say om with the best yoga app for your practice!

Note: We averaged the star ratings from Google Play and the Apple Store and combined the number of reviews to get these stats.

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1. Best Yoga App For Learning New Flows: Down Dog

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Down Dog


Price: $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year

Average rating: 4.9 stars

Number of reviews: 559K

With this yoga app, you’ll never repeat a class, since it can configure more than 300,000 different workouts. The music changes dynamically to be in sync with your breath for each class.

  • Reviewer rave: “I like how I can customize the practice options. Length, focus on a body part or function, type of music, speed, instructor, and more. As a beginner, I love the reminders for breathing sprinkled in, as well as reminders to adjust the posture so you are getting it correct.”

2. Best Yoga App For Personalized Yoga Programs: Glo (Formerly YogaGlo)

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