GYMILK Resistance Bands, Booty Bands for Glutes and Lower Body, Set of 3




  • Premium Quality 3 Fabric Booty Bands with 2 Mesh Zipper Bags – Our exercise bands are made of premium quality stretchable cotton fabric. This soft, elastic fabric is comfortable on the skin and was especially designed to be super stretchy and durable. These resistance bands come with 2 high quality portable mesh zipper bags in different sizes to let you carry them anywhere you want.
  • Super Safe. No Rolling. No Pinching – No more rubber bands! Two natural non-slip latex strips sewn into the thickened inner layer inside the booty bands will allow you to focus on your workout by preventing the exercise bands from sliding or rolling.
  • Same Size. Different Levels – All booty bands have the same size and provide 3 resistance levels with different tensile strengths. You can easily switch to an another level as you need while doing the same exercise.
  • Perfect Gifts for Your Loved Ones – We are proud that we design our products in New York for creating the highest quality products. With our designer’s attention to every detail, these high quality exercise bands will be delivered in a beautifully designed package box. No need to do an extra gift wrapping.
  • Easy to Understand Exercise Guide – Target different muscle groups, including abs, glutes, legs, shoulders, chest, arms and back. A well-illustrated exercise guide is included to help you do a variety of workout easily. Simply follow those neat and clean illustrations for as little as 15 minutes a day. That’s all you need to do. So purchase Gymilk exercise bands today, activate your muscles and build a better life!


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